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Sheltered by the lush nature of Monte Circeo, between the crystal clear sea and the relaxing shores of Lago di Paola, Proprietà Scalfati is your hidden and exclusive refuge.

Our Roots

For more than one hundred years, our family has been the caretaker of certain goods and real estate of historic, archaeological and environmental importance. The most important of them being the Lago di Paola.

First as tenants of the Lago di Paola (from 1854 to 1888) and then as owners of the basin (from 1888 to present), we have developed fishing activities (also including the cultivation of sea mussels), contributing to the survival of these historical traditions. In fact, since the first century AD, the lake was used by the Romans as a fish farm and refuge for merchant ships sailing along the coast. The Romans dug the first canal linking the lake to the Tyrrhenian Sea. After centuries of neglect, since 1715 the Vatican undertook a series of land reclamation projects aimed at transforming the lake into a modern fish farm, modelled on those of Comacchio Valley, in Northern Italy. Following the annexation of Rome and the other papal territories, the Italian State in 1883 sold the Lago di Paola and some surrounding lands by public auction to the Cav. Ottavio Giachetti, who transferred the property to Clementino Battista few years later (1888), who already had rented the fishing activities in the Lake of Paola from 1854.

During the last two centuries, the history and magic atmosphere of these places have remained intact and visible in the ancient buildings of the fish farm, as well as in the Roman ruins that remain still perfectly preserved.


Proprietà Scalfati is located in the most beautiful and interesting spot of the Circeo National Park, where nature, history, archeology and activities merge in a mosaic of emotions. Our vision is to keep this precious and delicate balance, enhancing every aspect.

This is not just our vision: it is what we are.

We have our roots in the Lago di Paola and we know every hidden secret of it.

For this reason we carry out the ancient practices of fishing and mussel cultivation; because we support the rhythms of our environment, offering to our guests the opportunity to feel in a small world, isolated from external noise and in full contact with nature.


Key management roles are held by the Scalfati family members.
Our staff is hired locally as we encourage the development of our community, investing in training and education.